Spartan Radar series A media coverage

If money talks, our series A is shouting from the rooftops: Biomimetic Radar™ is kicking off the commercialization of automated vehicles.

We’re beyond proud that our revolutionary perception solutions are among the array of products that will help deliver on the promise of automated vehicles—saving lives, enabling supply chains, and leading a new generation of innovation and growth.

We couldn’t be more thankful for this validation.

This week, our $10M Seed Round investors, led by Prime Movers Lab and joined by 8VC and Mac VC, doubled down on our vision. We’ve now closed out a $15M Series A war chest.

The media took note.

“The company is putting itself in the mix in the intersection between the car’s radar and its self-driving tech,” said Tech Crunch.

We picked up coverage by Transport Topics, FreightWaves, Grit Daily, and Automotive News, as well.

So, what’s generating this excitement?

An exciting new approach to tried and true tech—and a team equipped with both the extensive experience and innovative mindset to deliver.

Our commitment to providing the world with commercializable safety solutions for Level 2+ ADAS today—and developing solutions for full autonomy tomorrow—is no longer a secret. And, this new funding will further fuel our development of products for the aftermarket and imaging radar markets.

Both evolutionary and revolutionary, Spartan Radar solutions will enhance real-time data processing through proven sensor technology first pioneered by aerospace, an industry that’s been successfully innovating radar sensors for 80 years.

With deep roots in this industry, our leadership team is continuing to drive smart growth.

Most recently, we hired Chief Strategy Officer, Robert Brown, to champion Spartan Radar business messaging and strategy, as well as General Manager, Teresa Prisbrey, who will manage our first hardware product, Hoplo.

We want to thank everyone who’s been with us on this journey—you know who you are. It’s been thrilling so far, and we hope you’ll all join us on the road ahead.

Nathan Mintz
CEO & Founder

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