From passenger to commercial vehicles and ADAS to fully automated—we've got a software solution for you.

Revolutionize and future-proof your sensing stack with Spartan.

Our software advantage allows us to seamlessly embed with your development process and deliver sensing solutions that make sense. On existing hardware. For every industry.

Supercharge Your Sensing

Passenger Vehicles

There are tens of millions of passenger vehicles on the roads today with sensor systems that fall short—particularly when it comes to protecting vulnerable road users.

Spartan software allows you to close the sensing gap with your existing sensor modules and compute hardware, delivering 5x resolution and 4x faster reaction time in all conditions.

Trucking, logistics, telematics

Large truck accidents were up 13% in 2021 and nuclear verdicts are bankrupting companies at an alarming rate.

Spartan software optimizes the performance of commodity sensors to reduce false alarms—improving existing ADAS and future-proofing fleet performance with over-the-air updates.


E-commerce grew over 50% during the pandemic and, predictably, accidents involving delivery vehicles rose as well. As deliveries in urban environments—packed with vulnerable road users—are on the rise, achieving the highest levels of safety performance has never been more critical.

Spartan delivers immediate, cost-effective improvements —in both resolution and reaction time—protecting vulnerable road users like never before.


Mining vehicles with substantial blindspots operate in harsh conditions in close proximity to vulnerable mining workers.

Spartan software provides cost-effective safety sensing improvements that are designed to work where optical sensors fall short. Our software is easily customizable to your application and environmental specs.


Military vehicles operate in extreme, dynamic, and dangerous environments.

Spartan’s origins in defense give us unique expertise in providing military grade sensing solutions. Over-the-air software upgrades deliver nimble sensor optimization to support dynamic deployment.

New Mobility

Dynamic sensing solutions to make our autonomous future a reality.

Spartan’s military grade sensing algorithms dramatically improve resolution in all conditions—while dramatically reducing computational overhead and power consumption—helping manufacturers clear the final obstacles to commercializing full autonomy.

Spartan engineers have built thousands of mission critical systems — for land, air, and space.

Our military-grade software puts decades of systems engineering intelligence to bear on a wide range of industry mobility challenges for the first time.

See the Spartan difference — with your own data sets.

Supercharge Your Sensing

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