Headshot of Jack Khudikyan on Spartan Blue background.

Jack Khudikyan

Board Member
CEO of AJR Trucking

Armenian-American entrepreneur Jack Khudikyan is the CEO of AJR Tracking, US Logistics, and MDB Transportation with an objective to contribute to an eco-friendly living not only through investing in innovative projects but also being the change-maker himself. Jack graduated with his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Southern California – Marshall School of Business and specialized in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. The passion that Jack had for the development of a more sustainable future prompted him to improve the transportation, trucking, as well as logistics industries by making use of the skills he has in Enterprise Operations Management, Strategic Business Planning, Negotiation, and Sales. 

AJR Trucking, founded in 1984, provides mail hauling services for the USPS and has managed to form a partnership history of more than 30 years. Jack joined AJR in 2007, and his disciplined approach to guarantee high-quality and on-time service leads the company to continuous improvement. With an aim to provide exceptional customer service, Khudikyan planned to make US Logistics the most trustworthy trucking company ensuring excellence in independent transportation services and meeting the needs of customers in numerous industries. He is the Principal Owner of MDB Transportation, Inc. since 2013, intending to provide innovative and environmentally responsible transportation services.

To further decrease our ecological footprint, Khudikyan also considered the production of carbon-negative vehicle fuel made from organic waste. US CNG is a cleaner and more sustainable alternative replacing diesel and gasoline powering any kind of machine. In order to optimize the processes, he has US ReEnergy producing renewable energy by making use of organic residues and wood wastes as a feedstock.