3× range. 10× resolution. 2× faster detection.

Biomimetic Radar™ isn’t about seeing more—it’s emulating biological perception to see what’s important. Bridge the cavernous gap between the radar and camera tech you know—and the future of automated vehicles.

See through the noise, realize your vision.

Sensing technologies have been cost-prohibitive and required too much data orientation and resource consumption to commercialize. Until now.


Over-the-road or off-the-road, Spartan Radar takes you where you want to go.


Break the ADAS sensor tech barrier—despite limited bandwidth

Overwhelmed by a firehose of data, computers behave like distracted drivers.

Get unparalleled resolution, access our team’s deep experience (with 60 patents and counting), and put life-saving semi-autonomous vehicles on the road.


See what matters—without blowing up your perception stack

Identifying what’s important and deftly handling edge cases can feel like a life-and-death game of whack-a-mole.

Get integrated situational awareness in all scenarios and all weather—not just more data.


Commercialize within your short roadmap—and do it safely

Massive investments have been made. The pressure to commercialize is intense.

Get the focus and contextualization you need to do just that—at a fraction of the cost of LIDAR.

Powered by 200 combined years of sensor tech experience.

Autonomous vehicle industry veterans say only an aerospace and defense skunkworks team can successfully deliver automotive radar with the range, resolution, and real-time edge processing smarts necessary to enable Level 4-5 autonomy.


This is Spartan Radar—and we’re delivering.


Your engineering challenges get us out of bed in the morning.

No matter your industry sector, regardless of the application, our systems engineers will right-fit a solution for your perception needs.

Get Spartan Radar on your project.