The vision to solve seemingly unsolvable challenges.

In the 1960s, NASA made the impossible, possible—landing astronauts on the moon and returning them home safely. Now the transportation industry faces its own moonshot moment. Yet, with billions invested, fully commercializing automated vehicles remains out of reach.


Spartan is engineered to succeed where others have failed. In fact, our team has already put thousands of sensor systems on the ground, in the air, and up in space.


Taking a practical, systems engineering approach to reinvent existing, proven tech. We’re developing sensing software to improve safety outcomes for the mobility industry.

Spartan's origin story.

“The beginning is the most important part of any work.” – Plato

“Spartan’s software mimics human perception, which relies on contextualization and focus for processing. Spartan achieves real-time vehicle perception through an effective combination of hardware and software, edge intelligence and AI, and integrated firmware to enhance data security.”

– Krithika Shekar,
Senior Research Analyst

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